He Was A Great Landlord!

He Was A Great Landlord!If anyone ever erects a monument to their landlord we hope that it reflects the appreciation tenants felt for the Australian landlord David Berry. After all, considering a move to a new home involves a lot of different concerns and the people who manage the property where you plan to live are very important.

Typically, location is the first and most practical concern. Is your home convenient to work, transportation, shopping, schools, medical services, entertainment and recreational experiences? Surely, any place you choose must have a good balance of these concerns. Who manages the property where you plan to live is also critical. What are their values and commitment to maintaining your home in a manner that is safe and secure?

As you can see in the picture — sometimes the experience is so positive people will erect a monument to convey their appreciation of how they felt about the service. In fact, when looking to find a new home it’s a good idea to ask the current tenants how they like the service they get from the people managing the property. Think about it — you’re going to be living there for some time – don’t you want to be sure your experience is a good one?